Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What time is it?

Time for change.

Tomorrow is the inauguration of the new President of this island nation.

He is the hope we have for change (although I voted for someone else)-- I sincerely hope he does good for the country.
Change is also in my agenda. I have been too nice for too long... (to my workers, suppliers etc) and honestly, they are bringing out the worst in me. It seems like you are nice and they REALLY take advantage of you. I have been  pissed off for about two days. What for? A lot to do with stupidity and people not doing their jobs right.  ARRGG!!!

Ok. (counting 1-10) .... I missed writing in this blog. I was away a bit and been busy.  I have neglected my MAFIA in facebook a bit too! lol. 

Tomorrow is a new day... (and it's my Dad's birthday). I will start my exercise regimen tomorrow. Maybe I'll look like this next independence day.  hahahahahahaaaa..


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