Monday, May 14, 2012

The Cohen report- 3 months and counting

It has been awhile since my last post (as usual, busy with everything!!! )

Here's a 3rd month update on my Cohen program...! see other posts HERE and HERE

Doing Cohen has been life changing to say the least. Just analyzing what has occurred over the past three months has left me in awe and had opened my eyes to a lot of things I have been doing wrong for the past few years. Here are some of them

1. eating when  I am - sad,--- happy-- or tired
2. eating anything without regard with what is in it (chips, buttery everything)
3. not drinking enough water
4. not reading labels

To some people who I haven't seen for a few months, seeing me lose weight was a real shock. But honestly, it wasn't easy.

As of this writing, I have lost 25 lbs. with another 13lbs or so to lose before I am finished with the program. (first month- 11lbs, 2nd month- 6 lbs, 3rd month 5 lbs.. so guys, this is not "instant" weight loss)

One of the thing that is different with this program is that you have the support of other people going throughout the same experience as you. Through the Facebook group, we can share our triumphs (weight loss) or disappointments (deviations) and generally get moral support for the eating struggles we face everyday. I can say, the group itself kept me from quitting at one time or another.

One of the things about Cohen, as I have observed in myself, is that it give you guts to speak up. the first things that went through my mind when they explained the program (you have to indicate and assert you meal requirements at places you eat at) is that "I am not the KIND of person"

KIND - meaning, the bossy type who asserts herself: example...

waiter: what is your order mam?
me: how many grams is your steak?
waiter: 200 grams (I split this with my daughter because I can only eat 100 grams)
me: can you cook that with no oil or butter, pepper and salt only with the sauce on the side?
waiter -- jotting down
me: also, can you change the mash potato to some vegetables like asparagus, grilled also with no oil or butter and just pepper and salt?

This is just one example of the meal requirements I have to do when we order out. I sometimes have meals packed in sealed plastic containers with me and whip it out in the restaurants to eat my lunch or dinner. In other words, you have to just DO IT and not be shy about anything you have to do to stick to the program. You might be labelled as difficult or bossy but you'll be a THIN and FABULOUS bossy woman.!!!

It is kind of awkward to try to explain to Chinese suppliers why you can't eat this and that. So sometimes, I just feign eating or try my best to approximate what I need and eat that (can't have them lose face if I don't eat what they give me... I just tell them to treat me to a steak house and not a soy sauce laden chinese restaurant)

There are times when you just REALLY crave. (especially when hormones kick in when "its that time of the month") but I try to drown myself in Coke zero and tea.

Also, socializing with friends of family ALWAYS entails eating. Just finding the courage to tell them you are full and can't eat is a struggle. You just have to get blinders on and not mind anything they say to try to get you to eat (the calorie laden) food. People WILL TRY to make you quit.

It is not unusual to find myself late at night in front of my closet, trying out various clothes that did not fit me before and finding that they are loose. I get a kick out of trying everything. I even go out and shop (without buying) just to see what size I can fit into (currently size US 8, banana republic size 6, club monaco size 4 and a micheal kors swimsuit in size 4!)
I find myself doing a fashion show weekly in my closet. I couldn't help buying some stuff at the outlet mall when we went to the US too since it was soooo nice and it WAS discounted after all.!! They all look so great on me that I am so giddy with joy!

Cohen is actually a battle of the wills. LIKE, I WILL not succumb to the cake and ice-cream ... I WILL stick with my allotted meal plan.--

I still have (from my calculations), 2 months to go to reach my goal weight but I this is the thinnest I have been since high school. I have fitted into my wedding dress too and my husband has challenged me to pose in it and have pictures taken. (wahahahaha)

Aside from this, Cohen recommends NO EXERCISE... so... I quit running. I was getting fat from running anyway (getting hungry after every run)  and in retrospect, I did not really enjoy it as much as badminton or my other sports.

Another story is that I went to a slimming salon I went to for several years to try to use up all the treatments I have left (after all, its paid for) and they were really surprised at the amount of weight I lost. I used to hate having my weight measured (a requirement before you have the treatment) but at that moment, I was EXCITED to see what weight they would measure. VOILA-- it was the lowest weight they measured for me in the 10+years I have been going there. They were so amazed that they even ASKED me to ENDORSE the center... like having my picture taken and saying I lost the weight there (the GALL!!) and isn't that FALSE advertising??? Anyway, 3 months of cohen did what 10+ years and uncountable hours and time spent in their slimming center could not. HA!

For all those who need the motivation... Do COHEN and stick with it... you won't regret all the time you decided not to eat that cupcake.

Priceless comment from my husband --- He said he can't find me in a crowd anymore because my BIG bum is gone!!! hahaha

So, here is my fab dress from BCBG .. (taken at the hotel restroom during a wedding I went to)
size 8 and still loose!

Some of the Cohen group have more will power and honestly, I am really in awe at what people are capable of once they set their minds to it. (100lbs lost!! imagine!)

kiss kiss and hope I can finally get myself into a 2 pc swimsuit!!! till the next update!

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