Saturday, October 8, 2011

The postcard project

My history with writing in general started when I was very young, I remember having those correspondence (penpals) services when I was in grade school. You would fill up a form and indicate which country you would like to have penpals in and then pay a fee --I think at the time it was 10 pesos- about 25c per penpal-- but you have to factor inflation because that was AGES ago).  Considering my allowance at that time was only 5 pesos per day, signing up for a penpals was pricey. (I'd say!).

 It was the age where email and facebook were non existent and to a 10yr old girl, meeting someone from another country was quite exciting. I had 3 penpals. I had one from Italy, Denmark (both girls) and one from Czechoslovakia. We wrote for a good 5 years. The girl from Denmark even visited me here in the Philippines.

My friend, the constant traveller extraordinaire-- Lilliane (wanderlass) is currently on a year long world tour. (go lilliane!)

I am amazed at her ability and guts to tour without a definite itinerary and plan. With her list of friends from couchsurfing, a limited budget (and some help from corporate sponsors) and just her great desire to explore, she is travelling the world... check out her travels on her blog. (see blogs I like to the right) BTW, she takes amazing pictures too.! (envy envy envy) -

I love getting mail and postcards. She is now doing her postcard project. see HERE. I signed up right away. There is just something about getting (snail) mail. Just seeing the person's handwriting, the concept of that person taking the time to write and mail the postcard just make it extra special.

vintage postcard

ERGO, I also love writing to people. I had an idea before of having a friend somewhere who I would write to everytime I was abroad. Wouldn't that be fun?

I found this postcard pic on the net. Its a wooden postcard. I wonder how you carve your message.. and how long would it take you? hahahaha
anyone interested in snail mail? message me!


  1. here's my address, cousin.
    Laurence Tan Lee
    Door B, Lareleka Apartment, Doña Victoriana St., Garcia Heights Subdivision, Sucat, Parañaque City.

    Will be expecting your goodies to come soon. =)

  2. Hi cousin!.. I think you are confusing postcards with goodies from my other blog... (hahahaha)... will send you some anyway.. (sa tondo)



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