Thursday, June 17, 2010

Run.. Forrest.. Run!

Life is like a box of never know what your gonna get (or so, the character in the movie Forrest Gump says)

Running has been "in style" lately. I have at least 5 friends who have taken to the sport and joining marathons.
Let's not even talk about those who JOIN triathlons. I can't even phantom swimming in open water. (The cold murky water, crowd diving in... ) really scary stuff. Biking on the other hand... I can bike (give me BMX one though) quite easily but biking for several kilometers on a racing bike... that's another story. Haven't tried it but I don't think I'm built for it. (racing bikes that is) I think it's the concept of being hunched over for minutes at a time and the hard seat on my soft bum that I can't wrap my mind around. Sorry! !
But get me on a regular bike and have me pedal around a nice park (especially ones with flowers and nice weather-- 20C) and I would gladly bike for hours. So, KUDOS and HATS OFF to triathletes out there. Its just INCONCEIVABLE to me how you do it.

Speaking of cycling, I saw an article on yahoo about Lance Armstrong...he's 38??? I thought he was over 40.

Is this what 38 looks like?
 Maybe it's the sun exposure I don't know... but hopefully, (gulp) I don't look that way to other people...

So,... getting back to what I was saying, I think I could manage a marathon if I really tried to train for one. Running is the IN thing right now. Last summer, we had several company sponsored marathons (Century tuna, san miguel beer, etc).

I think I can... I think I can... I think I can...

Maybe if I repeat that over and over, I can get my big butt over to the gym and start pounding on that treadmill.
As for my yoga sessions... I stopped for awhile. Why? well, that's another story. The story of the stalker yoga dude. (lol)

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