Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cohen Jitters

It was November last year when my friend turned to me and said, "Why don't you try Cohen?". Her husband was doing a very successful South beach diet program and we were discussing the best ways to lose weight. (mention diet and all ears will just perk up...)

I have heard about the Cohen program off and on but really had no idea what it was.

"What is Cohen anyway?" I asked. She explained that from what she heard, It was a diet that would depend on your blood tests and from there, they would give you a meal plan to follow. She has a friend who knows someone who lost 100 pounds!


Hmm... I was beginning to ponder.... My friend cut in at once and slammed my thoughts back to earth.

"You have to start next year though," she said nonchantly, as if reading my already wandering mind " it would be impossible for you to start any diet now that Christmas is coming and PLUS... you have  your food blog."

I scowled.

She was right, of course. I had a bundle of baking to do for my Christmas giveaways , not to mention mountains of food gifts that come my way during Christmas. Attempting this was like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (tom cruise climbing the BURJ-- but without the sticky gloves). I pushed the thought in the back of my mind for the rest of 2011.

So fast forward to first week January. Weight issues are at the forefront of everyone's mind. I was no exception.  Finally, I called the center to inquire about the program and was informed that I was required to attend an orientation. So I booked myself into the next one they had.

Truth to say, I have been chubby all my life and I was Ok with that. But in recent months, I found myself getting chubbier and chubbier. I found myself not fitting into my (size L) clothes. It was depressing to "think" myself as a size THIS and getting a wake up call in the dressing room when the previous size I was could not fit me anymore.

I went to the center on the day of the orientation. The clinic itself was smallish, with one reception area and one conference room. Inside there was a crowd of people already. Well, there were actually about 5 people but it looked cramped just because everyone was a bit on the large side and the reception area was small. You can feel the tension and anticipation of everyone there. (I am guessing we were having the same thoughts in our head)

A thin receptionist approaches me and asks me to fill up a form. One of the more puzzling questions in it was -- "What is your shoe size"--HUH???-- I later found out that they use your shoe size + your height to calculate your ideal weight...... (ok, maybe there is a science to this....)
After filling up the form, you are weighed and measured --(yeah I know.... kindda gives you an odd feeling... like someone going to slaughter. )

We were ushered into the conference room m a little before 6pm, . A slender elegant woman walked in. From what I know, she was the one who brought the Cohen lifestyle method to Manila. She also used to be overweight  and had tried all the pills, plans and diets there were out there. (sounding a bit familiar). ....the only thing that worked for her was Cohen.

She proceeded to talk about Cohen. Basically, it's a medical plan that analyzes each individual person's biochemical profile and from there prescribes food to balance out the hormones in your body that is making you retain fat. I found her likable and very articulate. One of the things she said that struck me was, "If you are going to ask me if there is a "cheat day" to this plan, I am definitely going to tell you NO"

NONE? Nada?


I was feeling doubt setting in. Can I really do this? I looked at the number listed as my ideal weight. panic set in. I haven't been this weight since.. since.. eh, GRADE 2!

She then showed us slideshows of men and women who lost 40lbs, 50lbs, 100lbs. They all looked great. If they can do it, why can't I ? 

I signed up, took the blood test and waited. The price of the program was  about 2 ipads or a little less than 1 PRADA bag. It took 3 weeks for them to call me back to give me my food plan. (They had to send my blood test to DR. Cohen to analyze and I guess there was a lot of people signing up) During the wait, I psyched myself. (and shucked cooking and food blogging-- for awhile). I knew they would restrict my carb intake. I was a little depressing to think because I really loved my carbs.

Tomorrow I will get my meal plan. Goodbye rice, Goodbye pastries, goodbye bread.! The irony of it all, I got a whole bunch of gifts last Christmas related to baking. AND my pantry is still stocked full of ingredients. WAAAAAHH...!!!!

However, this is for my health. I was surprised at my blood test that it showed a high number for my SGPT. I researched and it turned out I might have a FATTY LIVER.  (p.s. I don't drink). So... health scare right there. One of the best things they say about COHEN is that it is not a diet. It is a medical plan. Medicine thru food. (for more info, click HERE). I have to blog about what I think about it when I really immerse myself in the program. (countdown 2 weeks till lift off)

so, to be continued....


  1. Hi! I just want to ask re: your SGPT level before you started on the Cohen diet. How high was it? I also enrolled in the program, I was told i am not fit for it because of high SGOT, SGPT and GGTP levels. I had myself checked and got treated for fatty liver. I had a re-test yesterday and the results are good. Both GGTP and SGOT are now normal while SGTP went down but still high than usual. I will submit my results tomorrow. I just want to know if i have a fair chance.

    1. my first blood test result , my SGPT and ggtp was a bit high for the test result but the result was not discussed when I came in the center. I just saw the result. Normally, when I get a blood test, I usually have normai everything.-- I think you'll have a chance.

    2. Hi "My Old Chucks", Can I know your SGPT level? I am planning to join Cohen but my SGPT level is so high. I am afraid that I will not be eligible to enter. Thanks in advance!

    3. hi. may i ask what your initial result was for sgpt? i also had above normal readings in my blood test last week and am still waiting for feedback from the center, and hoping that i do not get declined. thanks and congratulations on your success on the program!

  2. how high was your SGPT result for the initial test? i, too am waiting for feedback from the center. had my test last week and my sgpt was elevated as well. hope you can give me an idea about this. i'm feeling really nervous about being declined. :(

    1. I think they only decline those who have diabetes... I think Sgpt levels are not too much of a concern since going on this diet will take care of those problems.



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