Friday, July 2, 2010

June 30, 2010

Half of the year is over..... really, so soon?

We have a new president and my father is a year older. He is 75 years old. By this picture, Can you really tell his age? He doesn't dye his hair (it is still dark and lush)
Sometimes you get to thinking how time really flies.
My Dad was saying to my daughter, " Beyonce, we will celebrate when you turn eighteen. (my daughter is 6)"

My daughter (who is quite the talker and can come back with a witty reply) answered, "Will you still be here?"

My dad just laughed and laughed at her. He will be 87 by the time she turns 18. He said, "I will be here even if you get married!!"

But honestly, you get to thinking about these things. My grandmother is 95 already. (Although she is a bit on the weak side this year), I hope my dad also gets to live that long.

I think my dad is living his life to the fullest, enjoying the fruits of his labor (buying things he wants like a dream car starting with the letter P and a very expensive watch).

His eldest granddaughter is already turning 19. So maybe, he can still see his great grandkids in the near future. He had travelled all the continents (south and north america, alaska, south africa, europe, scandanavia) maybe the only place he hasn't been to is antartica. I would love to travel with my dad again but his knees are not what they were and he is having a hard time walking for long periods. He is the best travel companion (both me and my husband agree) because he doesn't mind where we eat and what price (some people gawk at prices). His main concern is that we enjoy our trip.

He is classy and very dignified. Thanks for the good genes! Happy Birthday Dad!

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