Friday, July 20, 2012

Reaching the Finish line... LITERALLY

As you may know, it has been several months of me doing the Cohen Diet. I have been so pre occupied lately that I have been neglecting blogging. 

It started from this blogpost- HERE

updated 2 weeks later  HERE 

Finally achieving something HERE 

Funny thing about it is, I was running (as exercise ) about a year before I started Cohen-- and during that time, I also gained about 8 lbs! (I was already overweight even before running). The final straw was when I saw the pictures that came out when I did a run with my friends. I could hardly recognize the person in the picture. Was it really me? (horror!!!)

Ok. ok. you might think I am vain. But I think we all have a screwed up view of what we really look like in REAL life. I always think I am a bit chubby but overall, I am fine.. I can take decent pictures and still look good. (but, I am THAT person that when someone says picture.... I usually position myself behind somebody and have only my head showing.... hahahaha)   HOWEVER.... this picture was just horrible. It was a eye opener. Who is this person??? I thought to myself. She looked old, bloated and the hips!!! (OMG).. (glad I was smiling though)

YEP.. that's me... about 4 1/2 months ago. Ok, got back up from falling from your chair? If you are wondering if I had any problems (health wise), I was pretty clear on that area. No high blood or medical problems of any kind. Just this feeling of going 40 and getting fat.

So, June was coming and I haven't exercised for the whole 4 months I was in the program. My friend who is a runner signed us up for a FUN RUN. I agreed on the basis that I was nearing the end of my program (nearing goal weight, which in turn will prompt me for the next phase of the program which is REFEED... where they add more food on your allowed intake-- all this on the basis of blood tests you had on the precious months weigh in.. etc etc.. it's pretty complicated)

So, the fun run... I signed up for the 5k run planning on just coasting. (run-walk).. not the full on run I used to do before where I was opting for a PR (personal best) time. Just finishing will be an achievement. ( I didn't want to over exert myself since I was not eating carbs-- might faint)

I tried on my old running clothes and they were quite loose on me. Honestly? It felt REALLY good. By this time, I had lost 30 lbs (with about 3 lbs to go to graduate).. clothes size?? small.. (can you believe it?) shirt size? (extra small.. depending on the brand)

here is my running pic : TADA!!!!

here is a side by side one..

note: the pink water holder couldn't fit me before, and I was wearing my HUSBAND'S water belt in the first picture.. and even then, it was on the very edge...

I finished the 5k in 43 mins. Happy all the way.! I honestly could not believe I could do this. But with perseverance - we can finish anything we set our mind to. I even went to the US and all the parks with my handy weighing scale (for food) and my basket of packed lunches (which I cooked in the hotel via microwave). I shopped for my food in the local groceries and made do with canned tuna, cabbage coleslaw and salads. Of course there were road blocks and stumbling blocks.. (like that apple crumble ala mode!!!) but you have to dust yourself off and get back to the program. Do not say it's too late or there is NO HOPE.-- because someone said... when there is life... there is still hope. (right??)

One of the things I found with all the conversations with other "cohenites" is that you must stick to the program FROM THE ONSET. Because when you start cheating straight off the bat.. it will be harder for you to stick to it till the end. Mostly because as you near GOAL weight, you get so ravenous. Aside from this, being a girl also affects your appetite so much. Especially during "that time of the month" .. it's like you could eat your shoe in hunger. My only consolation during these times was coffee and the allowed coke zero. It helped me tide over the hunger. (although I was not a soda drinker before).

I also discovered a lot more recipes (from others in the program-- that you can cook without using all the soy sauce and additives) that still tastes great. The thing is, you really have to cook. If you have the meals delivered... it won't be the same and I think you would not be able to stick to your eating plan as strictly. (some people are asking for delivery service... )

As of this writing, I am planning my REFEED week. I was off the refeed for a week when I went to a business trip to China (too complicated to do when you are traveling)

here is a "fashion" photo--

one thing though... losing weight also prompted me to buy new clothes!!!

my credit card bills are sky high... When before, I did not want to try on clothes because I always feel disappointed... now.. everything I try on looked good on me... like what it would look like on the mannequin.! How can you argue with that? Before.. when I try on things, some would make me look too fat, fit lousy and make my hips look big.. noowwww... woah mama!!! no more log like legs or sofa like hips.. KA CHING!! cash register pls!!!

Sale season currently ongoing... (NOW, I have to psych myself to avoid buying more clothes... self control girl... self control!!!)

Now.. to REFEED and MAINTAINANCE. I finally reached the finish line.

PS- this is the LOWEST weight for me EVER!.. not even this thin at my wedding. I think I was this weight maybe.. age 12?

PPS- finally bought a 2 PC swimsuit. (rawrrrr!!!..hubba hubba)... not yet worn. maybe I'll try on the trip I am going to go to in September... currently too rainy (monsoon season here) for any swimming.-- just wearing it in the bathroom!!! hahaha.-- maybe next project is to get those rock hard abs. GYM time!

PPPS- for those wanting to know more... you can reach Cohen philippines HERE


  1. You look awesome. Way to go. You look great.
    Love ya,

  2. you look great ya
    I was also going to take this diet from nextweek on wards

  3. you look great! congrats! because of you, I am thinking of getting into the program :)

  4. wonderful! you are an inspiration!

  5. WOW! Such a great transition ♥♥♥



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