Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The long Writing Road

As I have blogged, I have been quite busy lately. I haven't written anything significant other than this blog. Hopefully, I might get some inspiration from joining the travel writing workshop this coming Saturday. My writing, honestly, is in a rut.

We would be doing a walking tour/travel writing workshop of Intramuros, the Spanish Walled city in the heart of Manila. The added bonus is that I get some tips on photography too. I was trying to learn basic photography principles before my camera died on me... (it's still in the repair shop).

One of the blogs I follow always has AMAZING pictures. (see blogs I follow- moments of perfect clarity).  I recommend anyone who is into photography to check out her blog.

Thinking about getting the new olympus PEN  camera (they say its like a DLSR but half the weight)...
but I will see if I learn anything from the workshop first!

Has anyone noticed? HALF of the year is already finished. (shucks!). Time really flies when you are busy.

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