Monday, June 11, 2012

I want to ride a Bicycle...

I know I have been remiss with this blog. I guess I was really getting into cooking and my food blog that I really didn't have any time to go on any adventures lately.

I recently discovered a bicycle shop near the school of my son. They sell refurbished Japan made bicycles. I saw one and just fell in love!!! It was one of those classic bicycles. -- with the basket in front.

I admit, I am a country girl living in the city. I love to cook, garden, decorate. I also love to imagine my house is somewhere in the country side. I even had a fake fireplace installed in my tropically located house!!! (hahaha)

doesn't it remind you of one of those old english movies where the leads take bicycle rides in the country??? ~~~~ swoon

So, I did buy this red one. My son really went and rode this up and down the street. So, I went back and looked and saw this white one. (classic) with thicker body and leather seat. It even had a lever to control the the speed. It also had built in lights (when it gets dark, the lights go on), also it has a lock built in.

can't wait to take it for a spin!
first gear, second gear. third gear
If buying 2 bikes wasn't enough, I also saw one that was perfect for my son...

it has the pizzaz for a young!!!--- it is FOLDABLE. yes, you heard me right. a foldable bike.

it has hinges on the front and the middle you can unlatch and fold. (how convenient for out of town trips!)
It also had speed gears. !

I HAVE to tell you about the other things (well.. a few months old actually) that I did. I just don't have time yet to write it all down. (whew- )

I may post a few FOOD PORN pics here-- all the wonderfully sinful things I have been cooking. but we'll save it for a later post. 

For now, I have to ride like the wind!!!!

P.S. -- in case you want a bike of your own. here is the contact # of the store.
JF and JR - 0910-7528116, 0921-720287. *there are pretty nice. they even threw in a free tire pump!


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