Saturday, March 26, 2011


Doesn't time fly by so fast? My son will be graduating 6th grade and will be in high school next year.

Having a child in high school make one feel kind of nostalgic.
me and my first born- age: 26 shot using hipstamatic app on the iphone

I was in line one day at a Mcdonalds. In front of me was a child, maybe 4 years old (he was cute and a bit overweight) and an older gentleman (maybe his grandfather) who had several white hairs on his thick hair.

Man: What would you like?
Child: I like the HAPPY MEAL
Man: (addressing the mcdonald's server) what does that toy do?
The mcdonald's server enumerates the different toys and their functions.. (one lights up, another runs)-- the toys usually come out when there is a movie (ex- tarzan, xmen, batman, UP, etc etc)

I watch them with amusement. It was not so long ago I collected a full set of the toys that come with that meal. I cannot imagine how many burgers I consumed to complete the Tarzan jungle house (the toys come together to form a house) or when I had to search for the last piece of the set (basically going from one branch of mcdonald's to the next)

I have GRADUATED. no more happy meals -- (the toys eventually end up part of the "stuff" that lies around unused and collecting dust)

Clean house.... new house?

It just mind boggling just how much STUFF you accumulate over the years....
You lift one furniture and see big dust balls formed  at the back --"the unreachables"... just seeing the amount of dust and grime makes me think of the TV show "clean house"

 I have been moving/ cleaning  from the old house to the new one. I feel like I exercised by lifting weights and running 10 kilometers. My feet are aching!

This is the door to my new house.... I LOVE it to death! I will post some more pictures when I get things more organized.

The funny thing is, when you sort through all your stuff... you still have a dilemma on what to throw out and what to keep. (at the back of your mind you keep thinking... what if I need this in the future?? -- ten years laterrrr... it is still wallowing in some forgotten drawer.... hahahaha)

I also discovered how my husband is like a hamster/beaver... he just keeps EVERYTHING! the hoarder!... boxes of belts, watches, shoes (and I mean, just the boxes-- with nothing in them).. he even kept the hangtags (the labels that are attached to jeans when you buy clothes) .....

he said they look so nice....

me:---eye roll.. (hahaha) That's just how people are. You live with them and discover their quirks.. Hmm... I wonder what my husband discovered about MY quirks?? (and i think there are plenty!)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Garden in the making

As you may know, I am currently sprucing up the house I have been working on. (nearly there!!! after 1 year, 5 months)

This week, they have started to put in the soil and plants for my garden. I am just so excited to see the beautiful plants being brought in.

on the far side.. (where the arc is) is where I will have my organic garden. People have been calling it my "farmville"~ honestly considering getting chickens too!

March is going to be a hectic month! I have also started my DIY project... decorating the girl's room. Yesterday, I did the decals for the wall and they look amazing (if I do say so myself!)

This is a bit harder to do.. I had to align the branches....

I still have a bit more to do before we move in. So, wish me luck!


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