Friday, June 24, 2011

Bangkok Accessories

I finally had some free time to venture out on the side streets of Bangkok. More specifically, chinatown.

I have been staying here every time I fly into Bangkok. Chinatown is in YAOWARAT RD and the most convenient place to stay is at Grand China Princess Hotel.  It has the best facilities and is near to places to eat and shop. (the wholesale market)

If you walk across the street and turn left, you can see the whole street if full of wholesale shops that sell belts, ribbons, hair accessories. They will also sell you some (on retail) while other will ask you for minimun of 6 pcs.

one of the shops is this quaint one.. all the items I selected were 40Baht each (about $1.30 or 60 pesos)

crochet hair clips

sun flower crochet tie backs - nice for pony tails

flower crochet hairband

red hot chili pepper tie backs

an assortment of designs to choose from
some other shops sell other kinds of accessories

If you walk across the street, you will see a shop selling hats. The have all kinds they even have a huge cowboy hat as a logo.

After the Hat shop, walk further and you will reach the "main market road" its small walkway full of people- you won't miss it.

walking here, you can chance upon some shops where you can make your own charm bracelet..

choose your charms and you are good to go....

one of the nice stores I chanced upon was the OK station

Its a two part store, one part sells school stuff like pens, stationary and pencils. The other part of the store sells shirts. I found some nice ones like this Piglet shirt (sizes are small medium and large)

You have to buy at least 3 pcs (their minimum)for them to sell you the shirt-- - cost of the shirt range from 179B- 229B (about $6-$8)- you can get more discount if you buy more.

I find that even if you come to bangkok several times a year, you still will find something new to pique your interest.

happy shopping!

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