Saturday, February 25, 2012

After Two weeks

Well guys, here is the report. It has been two weeks since doing the Cohen Program. (although I had my fears before starting.) One of the things I have to say it that it IS really challenging to find ways to make your food appetizing AND following the guidelines set by the center.

Having a food blog and loving food, I was really so scared of cutting a lot of the "yummy" ingredients out. But I have to work on improving my health after all.

My meals cut out soy sauce, ketchup, all sauces. Everything is out except for vinegar and spices.

I have also limited choices in vegetables, most leafy green ones are ok, potatoes, beans are not allowed.

The first two days I really had to adjust to the "rules" of the program because it had a strict rule that you can't eat different proteins together and you have to wait 5 hours between each protein meal. In between these, you are allowed fruit and a cracker allowance. However, you are only allowed to eat 1 cracker per time and you have to wait 2.5 hours after eating to eat another cracker.


Sometimes I think I am in masterchef.  I have these BOX of ingredients and I have to make a (delicious) meal out of it.

Everyday, I have to plan my meals accordingly. I find that as a result, I scrutinize all the ingredients that go into my food and not munch on anything mindlessly. Which in turn made me realize how unhealthy I used to eat.

I use more of the spices I have in my cupboard now. (some of them are kindda old and I had to buy new ones) and discovered a whole new world of flavor aside from soy sauce and oyster sauce.

I become more innovative in the kitchen. (although I admit I miss pizza) Here is a sample meal.. chicken with cauliflower and celery

The one thing that sets this apart from others is the support I get from other people who are doing it too. From tips, to recipes to products that would help me stick to the program easier.
They are Cohenites.. and they are very inspiring people!

So far, I am enjoying cooking. some of the things I learned:

1. spinach tastes awful without oyster sauce
2. cauliflower (w/c I didn't used to eat) tastes fantastic with curry
3. soup gets you far
4. melons don't make you as hungry as eating an apple
5. when in dire (hungry) state, drink diet cola --(I don't usually drink colas but since it is allowed, I opted to drink one when I was so hungry and did not have my snack with me.)

I have adjusted well so much that I have returned to baking and cooking "regular" foods. Which is really making me sooo happy. I have baked cheesecake, brownies, buns and oatmeal cookies without once cheating! ( a month before I was in a baking depression and stopped cooking --- and cooking for me is soo relaxing like therapy)

AND I have lost (thus far) 7lbs. YEY!!!!!

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  1. grind spinach in a food processor and make spinach soup. it doesn't need oyster sauce.



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