Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It finally got me.

cough, cough....

I started having the sniffles about two days ago. I quickly ate some medicine and drank tons of tea. However, last night, I could feel the cold turning viral and sneaking down to my lungs. You know the feeling like something is clutching you at the chest and you find it harder to breathe?

That was how it got me.

I think maybe the constant traveling and working plus the heat combination finally downed my immune system. I looked like a sick dog.
I had a hot compress on my chest, took some medicine... It's just horrible being sick.

Through out the night I kept coughing up gooey globs of mucus. At one point, I though I might cough up my lungs from the way the mucus was sticking hard to my lungs cells. When morning finally arrived, I lost my voice but my chest felt lighter (mucus expelled by the medicine I took).

Went to work today but I think the cough is getting better.. although I try not to talk too much. No rest for the sick.. too much work to do! 

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