Saturday, October 26, 2013

Of wines, oils and vinegars... discovering VOM FASS

I was wandering the new east wing of shangrila mall when I happen accross the soft opening of this new store. VOM FASS.

This store is selling various varieties of liqueur, (like lemoncello from Italy, honey pear liqueur) among other things.

They have a variety of oils from argan oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, garlic oil, chili oil and even white truffle oil!. You can taste them too. The truffle oil really tasted like truffles. The prices are quoted per 100ml. They have a menu of recommended combinations of oils and vinegars if you are confused at all the offerings.

 They also sell a variety of malt whiskey, rum and brandy. Since I don't drink, I don't know if they are any good. But you can get a free taste. (although some are quite pricey!! 3000/100ml! gosh dang!)

I really like the balsamic selection ... I use a lot of balsamic.! 

liqueur sélection

coffee liqueur

You buy bottles to put your selections....! I think these are pretty good as gifts. Don't you?

what i went home with
The aceto balsamico maletti is quite nice.. really thick consistency.. like balsamic cream. I was told it has been aged for 15 years. (price: 720/100ml). Cooked with it this morning. pretty good stuff. I also bought raspberry balsamic vinegar. I want to try it on my salad. One of the others that I liked was the Honey vinegar-- which I might try when I go back. You can refill the bottle you bought from them and try other varieties of oils or vinegars. Might do that after I finish what I bought.

VON FASS also has a US website here in case you want to take a look. The young people behind the counter when I went must have been the local franchisees. Pretty young and innovative I think.

The shop is located at the lower ground floor of East wing Shangrila plaza right beside the showroom of delonghi.

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