Friday, October 14, 2016

Millenium Mitsui Garden Hotel (Tokyo) Review


This is my second time to stay in this hotel. It's located in Ginza, the main shopping district in Tokyo (its right across Mitsukoshi)

You can get a limousine bus from the airport (which stops in Conrad - the nearest hotel stop to this one.. about 2 blocks).. For the bus routes, click HERE

It's also about 2 blocks away from the TSUKIJI FISH MARKET (turn right), which was really fun to walk to and explore.

More on this Hotel..

For one, the rooms are not big but they sure make up for it in amenities
pajamas for you to use! (if it fits)

shisheido and all other good stuff
nice fluffy bed
They also have those drip coffee sachets (no instant here!) which made is nicer.

The "make up room" thingy is also magnetic... you can throw it on the door and it sticks.

What is also cool is the TOILET. If you haven't been to Japan, you will love the toilets. It has a flushing sound button (for when you are doing #2 and don't want to be heard) and also different bidet functions. one for your bum (after #2) and one for girls only **** (if you know what I mean)

The particular toilet in our hotel even closes and opens when you open the door or leave (very sanitary!!) It also has the option to raise the toilet seat (so you don't have to do it manually)

One of the nicest ones I stayed at in Tokyo (for proximity to the subway-- one of the stops is right at the doorstep of the hotel) and the sights

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