Monday, June 7, 2010

Something Fishy

Sentosa, Singapore

The purpose of this trip was to actually visit UNDERWATER WORLD. The aquarium inside Sentosa. My curiosity was piqued at a sign by the entrance that announced "fish reflexology"

I left my family waiting for the dolphin show and made my way to try the fish reflexology they offered

Package B (50-min) - S$52* per session
Spa Fish Pool Dip - 20 mins (preparation up to 5 mins)
Foot Reflexology- 20 mins
Head & Shoulder Massage - 10 mins

I chose the above package because I wanted the try the whole deal. I even got a 10% discount for using my American Express Credit Card. 

Before I entered the fish pool, they asked me to wash my feet at a common area and change into their house slippers. They then directed me to the pool area where a few people were already seated.  On both sides of the pool area were the couches like LAZYBOYS where they perform the foot massage.

The receptionist asked me if I preferred the small fish or the big fish. The small fish pool had 3 people already while the big fish pool had no one. Hmmm.... 

The girl added that you can feel the big fish more.. (more teeth???).. being the adventure gal that I am, I opted for the big fish pool. 

I slowly lowered my feet into the pool and the fish just attacked my feet. (maybe they were hungry). I had to keep myself from jumping because I could really feel their bites tickling my skin. The most ticklish was on the soles of my feet.  They even nibbled in between my toes! Their teeth felt like needles pricking my skin. I just kept wondering, Is this how it feels to be eaten alive?? I kept thinking what if they become like piranhas from the amazon....

They say fish reflexology helps in circulation and removes dead skin cells... I was glad to help feed the fish! hahaha.....  

After 20 minutes, I transferred to the couch and this old man (maybe 60ish) came over to give me a foot massage. It was my first time to have a man massage my feet (aside from my husband) and his massage was not as painful as the foot massages from Thailand that I have had. It felt weird at times though.. old man and my feet... hahaha 

The head and shoulder massage was not fantastic. I think if you plan to do this, skip the head/shoulder massage. I'd rather stay with the fish.

I got another opportunity to do the fish reflexology at a fish spa at a mall. It was a bit more expensive, the fish were smaller and I think they did not like me that much.. not so much fish nibbling at my feet... the pool was actually visible from the outside and people walking past could see our feet being nibbled at. There were several who stopped and took pictures..(Good thing I had a pedicure...)

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