Saturday, June 12, 2010

a house is not a home...

Until its built.....

Yep, my travails in building our dream house. It's 6 months later and we are currently in the plastering stage. That is, cementing the walls. The windows are not up yet and it's starting to rain. Thank goodness we have a roof already.

After months and months, I am down to the last leg of my assignments. (tiles- check. faucets and sink- check).. I still have to deal with the kitchen and cabinets.. (sigh....)

I really hope the house turns out great. I think it will be a quirky house though.. I will have a fake fireplace.. (note, we don't have winters as we live in a tropical country) and a roundish main door... (ala the hobbit house from Lord of the rings)-- It WILL be something to talk about.... hahaha

Keeping within my budget is nerve wracking. Running to and fro is making me stress eat. Yup. my clothes are getting tighter. (groan...) I wish I had the motivation like  Nicole, the girl whose blog I am following (let them eat lettuce)... she has lost 40 pounds! She is such an inspiration.

The kids are back to school (school here is from june- march.. summer is march - may, rainy season june- oct/nov). Maybe waking up early can get me to go to the gym and hit that darn treadmill.

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