Monday, May 31, 2010

Super Singapore

If I complained about toilets in China...well, my friend... Singapore made up for it.

Nary was a dirty toilet in sight. Every one of the toilets I entered was clean, had toilet paper, and all were equipped with automatic flushes!

I was in toilet heaven! (har har)

Anyone who plans to live in Asia, please choose Singapore. It has everything you may want. It is clean, orderly, and provides entertainment for everything you might think of doing. If you love arts, they have an arts festival every year. If you are into extreme sports, the have bike trails, bungee jumping, wake boarding,  ziplines, trekking, and other host of activites all within the radius of the city. *we also have some of these but are in different parts of the country. They also have a foodie fair every year too.

As usual, the weather was sweltering... 34C. I was drained from walking outdoors. The kids complained too so we had to cut short all activities and go back to the hotel. In short, we didn't do much.

I did enjoy the Fish Reflexology... which I will blog about another time.  My camera konked out on me too... (sigh).. have to get it fixed

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