Monday, March 29, 2010

Writing Furor

Ok, two posts in one day... what can I say? I am in  the mood..... hahahaa

I have been writing again. Journaling so to speak... AND...I have joined a writing workshop this April (I hope I can attend though). They also have a writing contest there where you can win a scholarship for that workshop. Although I can pay for my own tuition, I would like to try to submit an entry and find out if i could win. (narcissistic of me yeah?)
I joined

My writing fever is also evident when we went to Hk. I chanced upon a new stationary shop selling pens. It was new and they were setting up the display. My mouth was watering from the array of journals and pens on display.. and the guy selling it was from Italy. He approached me and asked if I was familiar with their brand. I said no... I was just browsing.... (well.... actually, I was salivating at their merchandise)-- they didn't have the glass pens pictured above (these are murano pens from venice-- note to self: get one of those when I go back to venice)

They had feather pen sets (the one's you imagine Shakespeare used to write down his works). they had ink in a bottle and you had to dip the feather in it to write. (The feather had a metal tip)

The sell also different colors of inks in bottles  and fountain pens. I just have this desire to start practicing my calligraphy.... hahaha

The only thing was, I didn't have a place to keep these when I do buy them, so I have to wait for the new house to finish before I can buy anything new.

They also had wax stamp sets... (I still have the one I bought when I was in oxford... the one with my inital...) where you heat up the wax and seal letter with the stamp...

Yeah, I know, in the age of wireless letters, when will I get the chance to send a letter? -- I SAY, WHO CARES???
I think precious are the ones who receive letters nowadays. It means the one who sent it took the time to write AND send it. Just imagine how a letter (snail mail) travelled to it's destination. It took a truck, a ship or plane and got sorted and handled and then got delivered. The mail itself has a story to tell.

Come to think of it.. I think I will send my friend Jasmine a "glad you are my friend" note.. complete with wax stamp and ribbon... hahaha (me , finding reasons to use my stationary)...

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