Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it March already???

What very mysterious things days were. Sometimes they fly by, and other times they seem to last forever, yet they are all exactly twenty-four hours. There's quite a lot we don't know about them.

Melanie BenjaminAlice I Have Been, 2010
When did March happen?? I felt as though everything went fast forward. Can you believe a quarter of the year has already passed? Hmm... tic tock... as if I can't feel myself growing older everyday... 
My mom asked me what we are going to do on my birthday. I just sat there in the car thinking.... "another birthday?" -- I said, "nothing". I think she was expecting me to treat her out to lunch. -- don't want to spend the money to celebrate getting older.... hahahaa
She volunteered to treat ME instead... (good ol' mom). I said I would think about it. 
Been stressed about decision making for the house. As I said, everything suddenly went fast forward and I had to decide on tiles quite soon. After which, I need to meet with kitchen counter suppliers and such. Decisions! Decisions! Building a house makes you grow older 2x as fast...!!
My friend gave ma a copy of pictures she took of us when we went on the Pinatubo trip. They have an awesome DLSR camera and they took amazing pictures. (see banner picture above) I wanna go to other parts of the country and explore... but I guess we have to balance the "need to" do stuff and the "want to" do stuff because I only have so much time to do everything. -- aside from work, kids, house etc.---

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