Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Its a..... Surprise???

Yesterday started like any other day... considering it was my birthday. I still went to work and attended meetings. Birthdays used to have some thrill to them, especially when you are young. You can't wait to get gifts and turn another year older. When you get to where I am, every day seems the same.- even birthdays.

For once though, my mom threw me a advance birthday lunch the day before my birthday. Surprisingly, my brother, who flew in from the US also remembered to give me a gift. (perfume)..

My sister also gave me a towering cake... just don't count the candles.... hahahaaaa

So.. back to my birthday, DAY. My hubby gave me (I actually found them while getting dressed) a tiffany necklace (silver) which looked like pearls and a pair of earrings (these looked like black pearls but were onyx). Seeing the tiffany box was quite exciting... and opening and finding those items were doubly rewarding too. They were both beautiful......I could wear them everyday.

He had planned a dinner for us and we went out of the house at past seven. He seemed quite different. He kept saying to me... "Take your time..."- which  made my ears stand up.. hmm... is something up???

Reaching the area where we were supposed to have dinner, he kept looking around, as if he was watching for something. I was beginning to suspect. I finally asked him... "What's the matter?" and he kept smiling. The jig was up. He was throwing me a surprise party..


He asked my friends to come at 7:30pm. Knowing them though, they were late.... and we were the first to arrive at the restaurant. - SURPRISE! -- no guests...! hahaha... I pity my husband.. having to invite my delinquent friends!!!
 I didn't mind though because I really appreciated him doing this for me. By this time, I was really extremely hungry. I didn't eat a proper lunch and just had a slice of pizza to tide me over. My loving husband took me the adjacent restaurant to eat something ( it was kind of embarrassing to eat first on the same restaurant).

My loving friends finally arrived at 8pm (late late late) but no matter.. we had so much fun and even if they didn't know each other, my friends hit it off. On one side is the girls and on the other were the boys.

These I think are the closest friends I have in the present..... Vivian- my customer/friend who always kids around with me. Jasmine - my psychiatrist/legal counsel/mother figure. Arlene - adventure buddy. Frances- supermom/ superfriend/ doctor reference.
I also got another birthday cake... how lucky can you get? two cakes for one birthday.

Also, good old Vivian, knowing how I love paper, gave me two beautiful journals!... ooooohhh.. they are soo beautiful and I love them... ! Gonna use them.. SOON!

I finally ended the day at 12 midnight... the waiters at the restaurant were giving us dagger looks because we refused to leave... hahaha.. It was a wonderful surprise. A day that exceeded my expectations. The icing on the cake was the card I got from my daughter, something she made for me. It just goes to show, the most precious gift is not the most expensive one.

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