Monday, March 15, 2010


Stayed in THE MIRA HK last weekend. This hotel was formerly Miramar Hotel. It was renovated late last year and now sports a sleek new look...

I expected it to be great but wow... It surpassed all my expectations. The check in was very smooth and surprisingly, they ask you what COLOR room you would like to have (silver, green or red).. The lobby itself is a study in silver and glass.

The room itself is a adventure. It has free wifi internet and aside from which, you don't even have to bring a computer. The 32 inch flat screen TV is connected to a sony Vaios where you can browse via a wireless keyboard and it even has a USB, SD card, memory card dock. You even have a Bosh soundsystem where you can dock your ipod and have your own music piped in the bathroom.

The room itself is very sleek and boast of modern furniture. The bed features a tufted leather headboard. The desk also features a nokia cellphone, which at first I though was odd. until I read the welcome note. The cellphone is actually an add on of the room. YOu can bring it with you when you go out and if anyone calls your room, the cellphone will ring. You can also use it to call the hotel (in case you need anything or get lost)- in the screen is some feature like : My mira, room service, and room to room calls.

The room has a mood lighting features where you can adjust the light with a dimmer. ( cool).

The bathroom has a shower and a separate bathtub (they also have rooms without tubs so if you like a good soak, tell them you'd rather have a room with one).

The shower features a "rain" shower head aside from the separate hand held shower. The vanity is a sleek lighted mirror . The window shades are remotely controlled thru a switch - the privacy feature...
I think the MIRA hotel is the best hotel I have stayed in (so far). 5 stars (or pillows)

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