Monday, April 5, 2010

Cooking Mama

Long holiday and I finally had to chance to try out all the recipes I wanted to try but had no time to....starting with.....


PRAWN BALLS... I have been wanting to try making these as they are a favorite of my kids. I made them using shrimps... so actually, they are shrimp balls...needs more ginger in the mix but I feel it turned out pretty good.

Then, I tried making radish cake.. (grated radishes made into a cake and then steamed, sliced and pan fried). - this one is a favorite of my husband...I tried them before but I had no Rice flour and substituted sticky rice flour... and it turned out... TOO STICKY.. this time though, I made it as per recipe.. but I guess I need to add more rice flour or cook it longer or reduce the water.... still have to figure that one out... it turned out ok, but I think it needs to be more SOLID.. it was too soft for my taste. oh well... back to the the drawing board...

Friday- went to the beach... so  no cooking..... Saturday- watched  CLASH OF THE TITANS... pretty good movie..

Sunday- I made BUKO PIE (coconut pie).. its our take on apple pie.. since you can get coconut almost anywhere here... (again, I tried this one before too.. but I shredded the coconut to thinly and it was too mashed in the final pie.. so this time, I left the coconut meat chunky)... I also reduced the sugar in the recipe since we dont like anything too sweet.  This time.. I think I lacked more  coconut.. the filling need more coconut... hmmm.....I had my family taste it and I got mixed reviews.. some say it was just right, one said it was too sweet... I felt it lacked sweetness....but maybe if I added more coconut, it would be better!

#2 - Leche Flan - it is a egg custard much like creme brulee or panna cotta. It's made with egg yolks, milk, vanilla and sugar... This one is my best one yet! Just have the picture of the process of mixing the eggs though.. but the final product was a best seller!

#3 home made fish balls - tried this new recipe... the first time I made it , the balls fell apart... this time.. I think I need to add some more cornstarch or reduce the water... the fish balls were a bit on the soft side.-- although the taste was ok....... this recipe need more work...

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