Monday, April 12, 2010

Stiff Neck

I have been having a stiff neck off and on for awhile...

Gone to a reflexology session last last sunday and it helped for a awhile. Went to another "myotheraphy" session- (kind of a physical theraphy) and it did relieve a little of the stiffness for a few days. Last saturday the stiffness attacked me full on. My neck just felt really really sore.. like I stared at something for hours upon hours.... (blogging maybe??? I did post 3 blogs that day)

I was thinking I was stressing a bit much (maybe) on the house and typing too long on this 21" MAC.... hahahaaa.. getting a crank on the neck...

As I have said on the last blog, I was planning to go back to playing badminton ( my trainer is VERY persistent.. he needs the tips!-- =) har har...).. So I finally went yesterday and played an hour. LO and BEHOLD! my stiff neck was gone after that hour. I guess my body was screaming at me to get back to physical activity... so, tomorrow. I plan on going to a YOGA class. They have one near my house and since it's summer, they added a few more classes.... lucky me!

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