Saturday, April 10, 2010

By Golly- just do it!

3rd post today-- hope my readers don't mind!

feeling chatty again!

yup, the excess energy has to go somewhere...

Been thinking about how to  motivate myself to start exercising. (yeah yeah, I know.. been saying that for ages).. I know that now that the kids are on vacation, I have more time to start going to the gym and hitting the treadmill.

My badminton trainer has actually texted me to ask when I will play again.. hmm.. thinking I might go on monday.. I also need some training before my whitewater rafting trip on the 15th. --need the arm muscles to row for 4 hours down a raging river!

I was thinking how when you want to do something, there is no use always talking about it... in the end, you just have to DO IT. I have already done the pinatubo trip, next is the whitewater rafting...

I HAVE TO start that exercising regimen I always say I need to start. But  then...early morning and I feel the warm soft bed, the fluffy pillows, dark room  and I convince myself there is always tomorrow.....want to go back to sleep.... zzzzzz...

on a side note... check this video out... it's funny and gross at the same time.. eeeewwwww!!!!!

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