Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wet and Wild

Cagayan de oro- Day 2

We woke up early excited at the rafting adventure. It was going to be a VERY WET DAY.

The company we booked picked us up at the hotel  at 7:30. The jeepney we were riding had the red rafts piled up on top. COOL. 

After we picked up all the other people who booked the tour, it was another 30 minutes before we got to the starting point at the Cagayan River.. I secured my things in a waterproof bag and strapped my shoes real tight..

We were given a life vest, a helmet and a paddle and proceeded to the river bank.The guides then informed us about the safety rules we should keep in mind:

  1. If you know how to swim- DON"T. The river is stronger than you think.
  2. When you fall off the boat, FLOAT. That is what the life vest and the hat is for. They help you float. keep you head up and your feet up. Even though it was dry season and river was shallow, - do not attempt to stand. You could  get yourself stuck between the rocks and injure yourself.
  3. Alway follow the commands of the guide (how to row, etc)

As you can see.. the rural people wash their clothes in the river, so if you fall off and taste detergent.... you know!! hahahaa
The river course was about 30 miles long.... and it will pass through about 22 rapids (we had a choice to have a beginners course and a extreme course.... we chose the extreme one!)

We chose to sit in front of the raft- better view and as with roller coaters, a more exciting ride! The rafts had a foot hold (a pouchlike indentation where you can put your foot to secure yourself). The funny part about it was that the right front had NO foothold and that was where my husband sat. FYI- He was the first one to fall off the boat.

ok. we would eventually get dunked... it was part of the fun after all..

We passed by some rocks and had a nice rest, the views were wonderful... limestone cliffs... I took so many pictures, I can't possibly put them all here... we even saw some boys jumping off a hanging bridge.. showing off their diving skills....

and I put on sunblock.... guess it wasn't enough.. got REALLY sunburned.....

overall.... it was an EXPERIENCE....!!!

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