Friday, December 2, 2011

Little doggie Christmas

Christmas is extra extra special this year. This will be our first Christmas in our new house. (woohooo!!!)

This is one of the biggest things we have done. (in our lives)-- building this house.  Just the concept of designing, decorating and filling a house with everything that is "you" is such an accomplishment. Aside from this, our beloved chowchow has also given birth to 4 puppies. The mother is black and the father is brown. They have extactly 2 sets of each (one female black, one male black, one female brown, one male brown)-- how lucky can you get?

1 week old puppies

Our pet geese (yes, we have pet geese) have also layed 8 eggs. As of now, none have hatched yet but we expect them to come before Christmas. So the house will be full of chicks, puppies and screaming kids. (wahahahaha)

I have also begun to bake bake bake. The oven actually has gone into overtime. All those christmas goodies my daughter has assigned me to make for her friends. (whew!!!)

I have started a bit of Christmas shopping too. I am pretty excited to give my friends the cool things I have bought. (I'll probably tell you about it after Christmas, they might read this blog and it will ruin the surprise)

Anyhow.... decorating has gone into new levels. I have upped the budget of what I might have spent on decorating the house by a wee bit. (hehehehe)....

The supplier of the decors is the close friend of my husband and he willingly gave us a 50% discount on everything. (plus free use of the services of his decorator)

Whadda ya think?

12 foot (fake) tree

It took them a whole day to put the tree up and put all the balls, ribbons and swags. I feel like my house is from a hotel lobby.

It is literally picture perfect. (click click click)

Now, if only we could have some snow....

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