Monday, November 28, 2011

STill Running

Yeah, yeah, I know... I keep saying I am not a runner and YET I still get up on race day. (sigh).. like getting up at 3am for a 5:30am gun start....

What I mean to say is, I am not a SERIOUS runner. ( in local terms, saling pusa--)... I admit, I was peer pressured into running. (hubby, friends == me into running)

Although I am very sports inclined, I usually opt to join social sports where you get to talk more with your teammates (like in bowling, badminton). Running is a whole different mattter. LIke cycling, it's all mental.

You usually are by yourself (for HOURS). I can't train because I get bored in just running. (chatty me needs conversation). My husband enjoys the challenges of improving his time. I, on the other hand, am just happy with finishing in one piece. (of course I am so lazy to train...)

One thing about running, especially when I was doing my first 15k race was that I was constantly talking to myself. like: just till that stoplight and I can start walking a bit... 3k more and we can see the finish line... breathe... I kept telling myself to just cross the finish line and not collapse. Luckily, the first 15k I did, most of the route was level (no hills) and I finished a decent 2 hours 3 mins. I actually improved my time for my 10k. (1 hour 16 mins).

Some novelties of running is that they now have destination runs. One of them, the 2nd international corregidor run will be quite exciting. We will run through some of the historical buildings in an old fortified island. I'll be doing a 10k but I won't look at the time much because I would be taking a bunch of pictures too.

One of the other marathons I was looking at was the GREAT WALL MARATHON.--

here some videos from previous ones....

I may not do it next year, but I am considering doing it by maybe 2013. It looks quite challenging and exciting.

Just one of the things in my bucket list.

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