Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Artsy Craftsy

Christmas is just the time to bring out the "Martha Stewart" in me. If you want to know, I have been baking my ass off. -- at least the kiddies are loving what I bake!

I used to be afraid to try my hand at sugar cookies but what the heck. It's Christmas and what better time to try it? I bought some awesome cookie cutters. One was gingerbread man and the other was a snowflake.

Honestly, when I start something, I get so obsessed with it. I started baking with small cuto outs, then I bought some more food color to tint the royal icing...

and now, I want to make more complicated designs for the sugar cookies!!!

Everyone is winding down for the holidays. Business is slow at the office....most of the time, we spend giving company gifts and receiving gifts.

One day, I was looking for some templates for envelopes. I can across this website by CANON. click HERE for the link

I downloaded a bunch of envelopes with Christmas designs. They have others too for spring, autumn etc etc...
don't you think a personalized gift (even a cheap one) is better than a gift that was not well thought of? i really appreciate gifts that the giver has taken the time to think about. Not just pulled out of some store (generic) to give to a person.

personally made and homemade is so rare these days.

I put a envelope insert on this one.

don't you just love the wrap around design of the envelope?

Christmas town version... can you see santa?
They also have templates for calendars and pop up cards. Its the pop up cards that really got me.... Its a very complicated set of cut outs that you have to assemble. If you download it, it is approximately 10 pages of letter sized paper. It had a detailed (dowloadable) instructions too..... wow.--- you would really LIKE the person to attempt to make this card.!

I think I'll stick with the envelopes for now.

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