Monday, December 5, 2011

From one blog to another

Been reading up on what other people have been up to.

On one of the post by my adventurer friend Lilianne posted, she indicated her friend, a photographer, got a postcard from her. Of course I had to see it (my post card got lost in the mail and has not yet arrived.

The blog is Josephine Icad Photography Just taking a look at her pictures makes me wanna drool.

I think she photographs a lot of couples for their wedding. The pictures are quite artsy and romantic. LOVE THEM!

Makes me wish I was going to get married... just so she can take my pictures. hehehe

Everyone she takes pictures of look so good and you can feel the romance!!!

I am permanently putting her on my favorite blog list! You never know when you'll need a really good photographer!

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  1. You got another award!



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