Thursday, December 22, 2011

Giving and Receiving

So, what did you get this Christmas? Well, for the most part, I would like to say I gave a whole lot of quirky gifts.

For my closest friends, I love shopping unique gifts for them. I would "tune in" to things they particularly like... or need.

for one friend, who was going on a Europe trip, I bought two travel guide books. One for each city she was going to- London and Paris.

Others, I just went with unique gifts.. I gave my blog partner this... its a long pillow shaped like a PRINGLES can. It says... TO FIND A PRINCE, YOU'VE GOT TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS.... mwahahahahaha (see bottom part)

I gave my friend who has a teenage daughter this... (and some banana cupcakes- her favorite)-- it's says... I'M A PRINCESS-- SO DO WHAT I SAY!!!  --- in the bottom, -- DO IT NOW!!!
-- it's so funny and cute.

I also bought other designs, like this one shaped like a soda can. The original is called ROYAL TRU ORANGE... (ORANGE FLAVORED SODA).. they played around with the words.

I also have this LAYS look alike pillow---the kids loved this one... I never got a chance to give it. It got kidnapped.... (way too lazy... to get out of bed)

I also gave a lot of notepads... one is shaped like a camera, one is a NOTELLA.... and the other is a BLAHBERRY..... (most of those who got these were bank employees I usually do business with)

What I got---
my blog partner gave me a cute apron and some salt and pepper shakers. (I am starting a collection)

I also got some books from two friends. One is an inspirational book, and the other a travel book.-- I love checking off all the places I have been to.-- see all the markers... (the other places just give me ideas on where to go to next!)
I also got a mini bunt pan from my friend... love it too... just got so cooked out this season. not sure when I'll be able to use it.. It also came with an apron. (very useful)

These are my amazon wishlist... and some of the items I am eyeing (wishing for) are:
ink, nibs, sealer....
this whole calligraphy set... although, I still have to learn to write calligraphy.... or if not the whole set, maybe just a pen....

this murano glass pen is so exquisite. I have illusions of being in the 1800s and writing letters.... hahahaha. (Jane Austen)

ok... I would be happy with this... it matches perfectly with my froggy stapler and froggy tape dispenser

froggy timer
Well, maybe next year!!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!


  1. Hi, I have a question. Where can I buy pillow like pringles?

  2. I bought these a long time ago at TICKLES (they have a store in greenbelt 1 I think and trinoma... not sure if they still sell them.



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