Monday, August 1, 2011

I just realized.....

Having a food blog takes TIME!  it isn't just the cooking. Well, for the most part, I really do a lot of cooking, testing recipes and such.

I also learned a lot about CONTENT. its not just posting something... it's also putting out good pictures and making sure the reader enjoys the post. You also have to make sure the recipe works. I have tested a lot of recipes and some did not make it to the blog. (oh well..)

Cooking+ taking pictures  really makes you ambidextrous. I have also invested in some nice plates. (you don't want to take pictures of the food lying on yukky plates.. hahahaha)

So, if I have not been posting in this blog lately, I'm probably busy toiling away in the kitchen or busy posting about it here

I haven't been out much. (tied to the kitchen and all..) but I really do enjoy what I am doing, now that I have a nice kitchen to putter around in.

It's monsoon season and it's been raining cats and dogs constantly. The weather just makes you want to stay in and lay in bed. (sigh) Cold weather just revs me up to cook something. (The cookbooks that have been lying around for years have now been put to use)

and if you know me, I love buying books and quirky items.

So, this is one of the things that caught my eye during one trip to the kitchen department of a mall.

I honestly expected this to MOO when the timer was done.... hahahaha... it just rang.

Is it a cookie jar? or a olive jar? hmm.... maybe a container for sugar. It just got me so confused! hahahaha

There's a holiday coming up and we might go to the best rockin' beach here. I'll blog about it so stay tuned!

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  1. I think it's the best weather to concoct some soup. During this rainy week, I drop by this newly opened Thai Noodle restaurant here in BF Homes on my way home, kasi ang sarap humigop ng Thai soup pag malamig ang weather. Hinahaluan ko pa ng konting cayene pepper. Sarap!! Luto ka ng soup.



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