Monday, August 22, 2011

Gone to the dogs and fishes!!!

I have gone to fish spa's before... namely one in Singapore. see HERE for previous post. I only recently discovered they already have them in Manila. Fish spa's are getting popular all over Asia and it finally landed here.

The fish spa are actually small  fishes (or sometimes big fishes) "eating" your dead skin away. They say it has health benefits. (who knows it it is really true) ....If it is your first time, this could turn out to be ticklish.

After participating in our fun run (5k and 21k), we headed out to TIENDESITA'S in pasig with the kids to have our dogs groomed. Beside our regular grooming shop, I noticed a newly opened spa. (this was very unusual because the area where it was located was all PET shops. So the girl handed me a brochure.... DR. fish spa.! and they said they have a promo (since they were newly opened)

The kids wanted to try it too-- so we left the dogs with the groomers (called ANIMALS AND THINGS --they have the same owner and are beside each other) and had lunch. Coming back, the dogs were still having their hair cut so we availed of the services. The fish spa costs 320 pesos ($7)- for  30 mins with free coffee or hot choco and 400 pesos ($9-) for 30 mins with 20 min foot massage. --- the foot massage part was great because after running, you really need a nice foot massage.

The said the fish in the fish spa are imported from Turkey -- the species of fish are very special.  The spa told me they are selling the fish too (they can set up the tank and the fish in your home so you can have a fish spa every day!!!)

The interiors were very CHIC. the chairs were colored purple and silver gray. The ceiling was raised and it added to the ambiance of the place. The glass walls also made it look a lot bigger.

Their services are for both people and dogs. They currently aren't servicing dogs (they are waiting for their permit) but for people, the services range from manicure, pedicure, paraffin hands and feet, acrylic nails, nail art, nail decals, and even air brushed nails. (the groomers are on the other side so you can have the dogs groomed there too)

my son relaxing in one of the chairs.

I don't use acrylic nails so I asked what the other services where- like UV gel, and solar nail... they told me its done for the acrylic nails. some are semipermanent color and some are services for attaching the acrylic nail. (wow.)

The brands they carry are OPI, CHINA GLAZE and ORLY. All very high end brands. These are just some samples of their nail art

I was told this is a full service spa. They have scrubs, whole body massage and even waxing. (I asked why there was stomach waxing listed.... they told me some people have a lot of hair.... even in their stomachs!!! REALLY??)-- they even have cheek waxing.... (for women???)

The room for the full body massage
We were seated on very high padded chairs for the fish spa, below us were the individual fish tanks where you lower you feet. Each person gets his own fish tank (there are currently 3 tanks) so you don't share your tank with anyone else. (except my husband since we were 4 people and he had to share with my daughter). In singapore, the tanks were like pools and you share with other people you don't know. so, in a sense these were better since you don't know where the feet of other people have been.

One interesting note was when I was doing the fish spa, I noticed a catalogue for hair color. I took it and it was actually a catalogue for hair color for DOGS.  They even have "before" and "after" photos of the dogs. It was like in a salon... revive graying hair! (some dogs' hair were dull with aging) and they made them blacker.... ahahahaha.... (I was contemplating dyeing my chowchow to look like a panda... )

they also manicure dogs. here is the color catalogue for color paws

I really like the concept of this spa. You can have a relaxing spa day with your family while waiting for your dogs to get pampered too. OR you can do the spa together. (I don't think colored nails will suit my chow chows though)

For those who like to pamper their dogs AND themselves... here is the perfect spa for you!

If you like to try-- they spa is called ME AND MY CUDDLE SPA-- tiendesitas pet village, pasig. tel: 470-9667, 0918-9173949

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