Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Made with Love

Heima. It's one really cool furniture store. It quirky,  shabby chic and retro all at the same time. In my house decorating frenzy, I visited their store in Makati. I actually love to get one of their furnitures but I couldn't figure out where the heck to put them

One thing that caught my eye is this "miss librarian" drawer. I really like the concept. But the thing is, what do I put in it? The drawers are so small. (you can only fill them with index cards, just like a library). My daughter's room is in the same color (pink and green) but I don't know how useful it will be to her. (hmmm.....think think think)

miss librarian photo courtesy of Heima
One other thing I saw in their showroom was this "newoldbicycle".

It kind of gets you back to the 1950's era... and they have it in a blue color too. (maybe you can order it in pink... you never know). Its a bike you would ride around in the park , with your hair whipping back from your face. The basket would contain some sandwiches and cola and a picnic blanket. (wow.) This you have to do with TWO bicycles of course... you need someone to share the sandwiches with. (no fun biking alone.... hahaha)

I also like these chairs.
his and hers colors!
I can imagine them in my kitchen. multicolored chairs! Sitting and sipping tea and baking something in the oven.. (oh yeah!) ..

I love that I also saw some of my fabrics in Heima. They used them to cover their accessories. (the pink flowers is from my store). They have a nice website and you can browse their collections from there.-- they usually turn out a collection twice a year. (I think) I would love to Heimafy my space but I think my husband would protest from all the "guirly" stuff I might buy... (shuckers..) so, for now, all I have to do is .... dreaaam... dream dream dream... (ok, not singing, hahaha)

all photos taken from heima website

click here to go there.

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