Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GOING SOUTH- First Day blues

In the past few weeks, I have :

1. discovered that I am NOT built to be a runner. ~ I don't have the patience to pound the pavement for hours on end. The most I can do is maybe an hour (10k), more than that and I am bored out of my wits. I also can't sustain a decent training schedule.

2. gone through several dozens of eggs, several blocks of butter and several pounds of  flour to sustain my now growing fascination with cooking and making people say "ummmm!!!!"

3. realized I need to start to lose some weight (oh man!) ~ and has now enrolled in a south beach diet meal program. (uh!)

Yes, I know, any weight loss program would entail having to diet AND excercise. So let's go to the diet first. I saw the meal delivered to me yesterday *for today's meal-- I honestly wanted to wail!! if not for the thought that I need this to jumpstart my weight loss, I would have given up. My friend's husband tried the south beach diet last week and has lost 14 lbs. (in a week!). That's a pretty big number. So, hopefully, I would be one of those that have a positive reaction to this.

so I enrolled in the program of THE SEXY CHEF. By the name and the proprietors alone, I was inspired to make a go of it.

Anyhows, the first day I got my food, I wanted to cry... ! It had specific food you had to eat for breakfast, a midmorning snack, lunch a midafternoon snack and dinner.

It sounded a lot... but the portions were tiny.

I think my body was reacting to this sudden change because I was feeling miserable. I need my coffee!! (I was thinking coffee was forbidden).

Here was my lunch:
The food was actually ok. It was good... I don't really eat zucchini but the way they cooked it with the eggplant in  the ratatouille was very tasty. I liked the food (but there was just so little of it.... hahaha)

By 2 pm, I gave in an had coffee (black- no sugar or any cream)... aaaahhhh... relief. That coffee just gave me a boost for the whole afternoon.

I kept complaining like mad to my friend... am I really going to survive a week of this?? waaaahhhh!!! I was thinking ~~~ is having to fit into my clothes better than my happiness??? (yeah, DRAMA queen)~ I think it's the moody hormonal results of carb deprivation.....

weighing myself the following day, I lost 1lb. (yes!).. I am now on the second day and I saw the list of allowed foods on the program. (black coffee is allowed--- hurray!). The second day of the program was better than the first. I think the shock of seeing the food went to my head. ( there is something wrong with the concept of a food blogger going on a diet ). I still cook though, (just taste a tinnie bit of what I cook) and still blog. Body adjusting to the diet. Hopefully, will survive the rest of the week. Stay Tuned.


  1. good luck!!!! hahahaha let me know how it goes

  2. Expect the first week to be depressing hehehe! 2nd week svelte figure na! Woohoo!!



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