Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First week- the result

Today marks one week of my South beach diet. In total, I only lost 2 pounds. (as compared to my friend, who lost 8 the first week)

It is pretty hard to stick to this diet and I commend anyone who can do 1 week straight. The problem for me  was that my daughter had a party last saturday (weekends are killer~!!!) It was hard to be polite and NOT eat. At the start of the party, the mom of the birthday celebrant kept on asking what I wanted to eat. I answered with a standard-- Oh, anything will be fine....  a few minutes later, pasta with seafood, clams came in, and then some pizza, plus unlimited iced tea. (i was sipping water) I kept up a conversation with the other moms so they would not notice that I was not eating. I also put some pcs of lettuce on my plate and started munching on that.... the problem was, when you thought the food was over, they still came. UUGGHHHHH.

So, I guess SATURDAY was my cheat day. (yes , yes, I succumbed and ate some of the pasta.. which on second thought, never tasted sooooo goooood!!!!)

The first three days of the diet, I was losing 1 lb a day (total 3 lbs). Maybe that was just my body adjusting to the no carb fare. On the 4th-5th day, I lost nothing (and even came back up 1.5 lbs) - This was when I cheated.... It was saturday and me and my husband had a movie date. I ate 1 hotdog with bun.

Thinking about it though, 2lbs is a heathy weight loss. I also started doing the treadmill this week. (thinking maybe it will help me lose some more) I will go on with another week of this and see how it goes. I can't continue on this indefinitely because I will go out of the country soon and it will be just too depressing to NOT taste anything while I am there.

Another thing I noticed was this diet teaches you portion control and proper food choices. I now have a pretty good idea on how much I should consume per meal. Honestly though, the meal they give is like grazing my stomach. You feel you ate but not enough to feel full (you know, it just grazed your stomach... hahahahaha)

MInd over matter..... mind over matter....

If my husband doesn't mind..... it won't matter...!!! But really, any health program is for my OWN health. I want to be as healthy and fabulous as my own mother. (who still ballroom dances 3x a week and is much much slimmer than I am....! She can fit on the jeans of my niece!)

Here's to another week -- !

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