Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boracay Rental update

You may be wondering what happened to the boracay rental I was ranting about 2 posts back.

Well, after 1 week of no reply, Belinda finally sent me an email. And Boy! was it a whole new different email from the last one she sent.

Basically, she said that she was busy because the owner of the house arrived (roll eyes) and  then she offered to help me look for accomodations for us in another hotel for the 1 day and then we can move to the house on the succeding days.

I looked at the email and pondered. I haven't actually replied to it. Do you think I need to reply? After giving me grief over the booking (and replying me a week later).. SHOULD I reply at all?

I pondered for awhile.

I felt like someone who got dumped by her boyfriend and then having the same boyfriend come back a few weeks later and ask you for a second chance (to get back together). I have been hurt and scarred. You know the feeling?

I keep reviewing the events. If she had proposed this in the frist place, (booking us elsewhere for the 1 night) rather than sending me an ULTIMATUM, then I would have gladly taken her on the offer. I was wondering if the news got to her that I wrote a blog post about it. In fact, my cousin commented the same scenario on that post. (hmmm......) I was thinking MAYBE the owner got a wind of it and reprimanded her.

In any case....

I have already  booked myself into Discovery Shores (w/c my friend told me was fantastic)... see pics below...( photos from discovery shores website)

damage has been done and I would not feel relaxed if I stayed in that house.  I would rather enjoy spending it in a more professional hotel....

I hope nobody experiences the same in the future. Lesson learned.

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  1. Hi Imelda, I don't if they have a place to stay in Boracay but I'm sure that booking on eGetinnz vacation rental is much better than the one that you have booked in.



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