Monday, February 13, 2012

Screwed Over

I was on a work related trip the whole of last week.  The week before that, I was ELATED... no.. actually GUSHING to my friends on how I got to book an AMAZING place in Boracay. It was a house rental.

I contacted the administrator of the rental thru email if the house was available for OCT 31- NOV3. They confirmed that it was and I hurriedly booked my tickets (and that of my family) for a total 9 people. I confirmed my booking through email and told them I could send the deposit for the house the following monday (it was a saturday and there was no bank) since I was flying out on Monday and wont be back till saturday again. She affirmed that it was alright.

See here (for our conversation)--- I highlighted my reply...

here is her reply: ( which I assumed was a confirmation that everything was ok)

By her reply, I was confident that I could go on my business trip and pay her when I get back since she said it was ok. However, when I got back.. I was greeted by this email: ( she had such a nice tone to the email too.... and I assumed she was just checking if I could possibly change date)

I told her that I could not possible change dates since I already had tickets and rebooking would cost the same as if I had bought another set of tickets. She them emailed me a sort of "take it or Leave it " option.--- which had a firmer tone than the previous email. it was like saying..screw you... i have a bigger client and you family is no consequence

 I ask you guys..... isn't this being screwed over???? because she got a 16 day booking after I confirmed, that overlapped my booking, she essentially just leaving me out to dry!!!

I felt really angry and disappointed that someone could be so unprofessional. The 5000 pesos she offered did not cover the expense we have to make to move 9 roundtrip tickets at 3000 pesos per person AND I wouldn't have booked the trip if not for wanting to go see that HOUSE!!!

If that were done to you,  wouldn't you feel like someone was slapping you in the face? -- WOULD YOU DEAL with this kind of company? EVEN IF they have a wonderful place?

I am now trying to book other accomodations as my email (to complain at this kind of shabby treatment) is now being ignored.

WARNING TO THOSE WHO WANT TO BOOK HERE..... don't judge a book by it's modern exterior. Expecting to be treated like paying people only to be set aside when a BETTER offer comes along.....

UPDATE: See HERE on what happened next


  1. This is the kind of service you get from a dishonest person like Belinda.

  2. money over honor. this principle won't get you far.

  3. thanks for the support... I booked in discovery shores already.



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