Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

So, how was everyone's Chinese New year?

2012 is the year of the Water dragon. As per my chinese fortune horoscope, 2012 will be a great year for me. (lots of opportunities coming my way). To view your chinese horoscope click HERE

I have a whole lot of things already penciled in my calendar. (got a really cool planner FREE from my local supermarket.- I really loved the way they styled it.--with wide blank columns. Aside from this,  it has recipes at the back too)

inside the planner

So, back to my 2012 adventures. Right before Chinese New year celebrations, I had the chance to attend the HK international licensing fair. It also coincided with 3 other fairs and I had 4 days to finish all of them. WHEW.-- an can I say... whew again? WHEW. - was tired from looking, walking and all that stuff that I didn't care to EAT anymore. (and in HK... you would definitely EAT)..

I also had CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS!!! (and had a chance to take a picture with them too.-- )

hahahahaa.... with me are--- zombie (from plants vs zombies, MR BEAN, and DORA).. ok, maybe they are NOT celebrities but hey, it was fun being silly with them. It was shame I didn't get to have a picture with OPTIMUS PRIME (from transformers)... as I saw him leaving the venue... I guess his time was done and he was "on break" -- but he had on a really COOL costume though. 

mahjong looking cookie collection

So, HK always has something new for me every time I go there. This time, I saw some neat stuff they offered in the coming new year celebrations. If you are familiar with MAHJONG, (see above pic)-- you are familiar with the characters above. These are actually COOKIES that they shaped into mahjong tiles. the money chips are made out of chocolate. (cool eh, was really tempted to buy them for my mother... who, by the way, plays mahjong EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.).. they say people (esp old ones) who play mahjong reduces their probability of developing Alzheimer's disease.  (so that's why my mother is still very sharp in math!!!)

I also saw this pair of magnets -- you gotta love the humor.....

Of course there is the influence of those birds.... (ANGRY BIRDS).. to those who don't know what they are (probably living under a rock)  click HERE

These are red envelopes (ANG PAO) filled with money. A traditional gift by elders to younger kids (or unmarried children) during New years celebration... I asked the bookstore where I saw these on what the envelop says (I had the misfortune of buying some envelopes before where it was saying something else... )

These translated says, "more success in your job"& "may you go up and up" (ok ok... my chinese is NOT good. sue me)

I was wondering why you would give an ang pao to someone who already has a job.... my understanding was that you only give these to kids.. (hmmm..... ) So I just bought the second one. Maybe I would have an opportunity to give one to one of my nieces and nephews. The store clerk told me it would be good to give students. (I am guessing they would need the money)

Hoping every one had a good one. So, to all.... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!   kong hei fat chai!

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