Thursday, September 22, 2011

Island Hopping- Bohol

The third day was our Island hopping day. We rented an outrigger banca (boat) at 2800 pesos for the whole day (about $50).

 We set out very early to catch a glimpse of the dolphins Bohol was famous for. By 6:30, we were already skimming along the waves and getting hit with salty water.  Further down, I could see a lot of boats already gathering.

We were not very lucky at the dolphins. although we saw some clusters, it seemed like a lot of boats (including ours) were there and crowding and chasing after them to get a picture. My friend said that the first time she was there, there were less boats and more dolphins. (oh well)

After a few frustrating minutes of waiting and getting a few glimpses, We decided to go to one island and try our hand at snorkeling. *they had an outrigger with PARADISE as its name... I thought it was so appropriate.... (see my picture of it on top of my blog)

We had some biscuits with us and used them as fish feed. The fishes were biting... and if you were a bit on the pale side... they might think you were bread too and start nibbling at your legs!

After an hour,  we set off again for the virgin islands ... a stretch of very shallow sand dunes that stretches for what seems like a few miles. It was my favorite part of the trip. The waters were very clear and you could really dip yourself into the sea. No coral, no jagged rocks... just pure clean sand!!

AAAAAHHHH.... I wished we could just stay there for the rest of the day!!!... all of us had so much fun splashing around.

I also had fun tinkering with the camera effects and shooting nice pictures of my friends. Sadly, we had to leave by lunch because we in the afternoon, we were scheduled to go visit the BOHOL BEE FARM. Next time though, I would stay here the whole day and pack some sandwiches. They said we could even arrange a beach barbecue if we wanted to... we just had to inform the boatmen. (sigh... next time... next time!!!!!)

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