Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bohol Bee Farm

as you can see... shopping before touring!!!
BOHOL BEE FARM was the last stop in our day trip of island hopping itinerary. The concept of this farm is like a B & B ( bed and breakfast ). They grow their own organic produce and of course honey. At the entrance to the farm is the souvenir shop where you can buy chocolate spread, honey spread and even homemade ice cream (flavors like coconut, avocado, malunggay ( a local plant), durian, langka (native fruits) ). They have a farm tour every 30 minutes and all you have to do is pay a 30 peso fee ($.90) and wait for a guide.

The guide was a very lively fellow and he gave us each a BURI hat (woven from banana fibers)-- I think this is to distinguish us from the other people in the farm. We walked a few meters down the path to the honey bee area where he showed us the hive. "The bees are not dangerous at all..." he was saying as he put on his hat w/ net (huh???) I was wondering why he was putting on the net/hat and we were left with NO NET... 
Thankfully, the bees were very tame (I had reservations after watching too many national geographic shows on killer bees) and we all had a chance to take a hold of one "rack". Even my 7 year old daughter.

The whole concept of the bee farm is going natural and organic and you could really feel the atmosphere of being in a serene place. I really loved this bench

The concept of just sitting here and enjoying a good book really appealed to me. We were led to a local handicraft area where they manufacture bags and other souvenirs from local materials
The take fibers from plants and dye them with a natural dye before they weave them into mats. A local woman was weaving fibers from plants into a mat.  The mats are then made into hats, place mats, bags and other products which they can sell in the store or as packaging for the food.
They also had some art work for sale. It was amusing to see honey bee "inspired" art works

Walking further down, you'll pass by the Herb patch. The guide told us that Bohol's soil is very acidic, because of it being a volcanic island. So they have to plant all the vegetables in pots and not directly on the soil.

At the end of the trail, we were left to wander, a path directly led down to a cafe. The cafe itself was overlooking the sea. (the farm was directly situated on a cliff).
the path was actually coconut husks embedded in concrete!
Being adventurous foodies that we are. We sat down and ordered. Some of us saw a hammock and got to swing in it too. (how relaxing!)

The food was nice. It was not too expensive and we asked around regarding accomodations (they have guest rooms). I found the rates very reasonable. (some hotels overcharge you with the food)

What was nice was that they have a direct access to the sea from the cafe. (only open to checked in guests). They had a path going down and when I peeked, I saw some loungers where you can lay down with a good book.

It was late afternoon when we went and it was already low tide. I could see a lot of people walking on the dried up beach and picking shells (I think).

The place just oozed with relaxation...definitely a "TO DO" The next time I go to Bohol,   For more info on the farm, click HERE.

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