Saturday, September 17, 2011

Facebook and Blogging

I have been quite busy lately cooking and blogging for my food blog - two ladies and a spoon  (co blogged with my friend Candie) and working at my office. It September and technically the start of our most hectic months.

One thing about food blogging is that you get so much satisfaction in doing and sharing the recipes. I also love that people who read the recipes eventually try to cook.

The food blog really has improved in the short time that we have started writing posts. We even have a facebook fan page now although there is not as many people yet who "like" it.

Food blogging has also improved how I take pictures. REALLY. hahaha. I get so jealous of other blogs who post amazing picture of the food they cook that I want to take great looking pictures as well.

Hopefully. I get to write about the nice day trip we had on the BOHOL BEE FARM on the next post.!

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