Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bread in the Head

Since starting the other blog about food, I have been cooking a lot. (obviously) Currently, I am obsessed with baking the perfect bread.

It started with doing a pork bun (a very Asian pork filled dough) that we like to eat a lot. In any cooking endeavour, I always like to experiment first on things my family likes to eat.

So doing the pork bun, I got the idea to try french bread... and then white bread... and now.. I'm so obsessed with bread baking and trying to get the fluffy dough.~~~ Mind you, bread baking is time consuming. (an IN!)

 Not so much with the making but rather with waiting for the dough to rise. But when you get a really nice bread... WOW.

I still have to try again though on my white bread... I want a more fluffier texture than what I got here.

I always thought bread baking as a level beyond my skills, but after trying my hand at it though... I know it can be done by mere mortals like me!!! All you really need to do is practice. Although the quality of bread I am now doing is not *amazing, it is pretty decent.. (if I do say so myself)

It's so funny to think that just a few weeks ago I was on a  no carb diet and now I am making bread almost every chance I get..

some people might think...bread is so easy to buy in the store.. why take the trouble to bake?  well, the point is, I ENJOY the process of making my own bread. I think it's the innate desire in me to be productive and MAKE something. More so, if other people enjoy eating my bread too.

Right now, I am itching... just itching I tell you!... to start doing a recipe for MILK BREAD I got off the internet, It's a japanese bread that I buy from a local bakery and it has the softest crumb! OH YEAH. (doing the victory dance).. If I succeed in this, It would be such an achievement!

P.S. --- not even noticing... this is my 101 post.... has it been that long?

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