Friday, July 1, 2011

Flower Power: Bangkok

PAK KRONG TALAD. That's what they call the flower market in Bangkok. during my last trip, I need to bring home some nice flowers to help spruce up my home for an event. This market is near my hotel (see my other post on this) and Chinatown. You can take a TUK-TUK (a tricycle) and more or less the fare from the hotel would be 40 baht (60 pesos or $1.3)

Here you can find a smorgasbord of orchids. Thailand is known to breed a lot of orchids and they sell them quite cheap too. The more common variety (the violet colored ones) cost 50 baht (75 pesos, $1.7) per bunch. Some rare species would cost you 80 baht (120 pesos or $2.7) per bunch

They have some flowers that I don't recognize but are beautiful just the same. The have carnations, roses, mums

I researched this- it's called liatris.

bought some carnations
I bought some orchids and the carnations. I think the carnations were 80 baht also per pack. Walking here, you fell like you want to keep buying all the flowers. the problem was, I only have so many hands to hand carry them home. The flowers were so pretty and cheap!

I also bought these but didn't know what they were called.

tip 1: this is a market, don't be afraid to haggle. 
tip 2: as with all markets, not all shop owners are friendly and not all of them know English. No worries though as they would whip out a calculator to show you how much the flowers cost. Some also have price signs in the front.

 A visit to the flower market if you have the time is a must. I am sure your mother, wife, mother-in-law would surely love it if you bring her home some of the flowers found here.


  1. these are beautiful.

    i wish i could bring fresh flowers home but i have three cats and they will always eat them, haha.



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