Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Unusual things

One of the stores I always love to visit whenever I am in HK is PYLONES. It's located in Gateway mall in Tsim Tsa Tsui, kowloon. I only recently learned that it is actiually founded in France and has a whole bunch of stores in the US.. for their website click here

One of the things I like about their products is that when you see it, you don't actually know what it is just by looking at it. something looking like frog might actually be a stapler
my froggy stapler... a very nice addition to my desk
I have given some friends over the years some quirky items... which they all loved. like "cars" themed tape measure (tape measure being very fundamental to my line of work)
I particularly liked the "lady bug" one... although my daughter kind of broke it when she kept pulling at it...
. if you are wondering how the tape goes back, you push a button in the middle and it goes inside the box automatically.
I saw this "robot" one on the website. I think it is not available in the HK store when I last visited but I would love to get it.
 Just this week, I got to visit the store again. I was actually under the weather when I got to HK. I started to have colds but work was calling. So again, I just found time to visit the store I loved. (you can't keep a girl from shopping!) Since I also am writing for our food blog (see here) - I need some items for the kitchen. I bought this Russian Doll peppermill
ain't she just so cute? you twist the head to get crushed peppers.hahaha. that's something to vent out your frustrations.....I also bought this electric kettle.

The design is kind of oriental but I like it. And the good thing about it is I can put it in my bedroom and have hot water for my tea any time. It was a good thing too since I fell really sick when I got back from my trip. The hot water and tea did a lot of good. (the kitchen was really far).

The website is ok but I think seeing the products up close is better. so if you have a chance to visit one of their stores, I'm sure you'll love it!


  1. These are so clever. I love novelty products as well.



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