Friday, April 1, 2011

Wish I could stay

It is 3 days till the trip of a lifetime. I am still enjoying my new house and wish I wasn't leaving so soon.
My house is so comfy, I am tempted to NOT go to work everyday. The domestic goddess in me has kicked in. (hello.. Nigella Lawson!)

One of the things I have done (that was not possible in my old townhouse) is:

---Making homemade ice-cream (french vanilla cookies and cream and ahost of various sorbets)
----Soaking in a bubbly bubble bath (ooh yeah!)
----Gardening in my flower power of a garden
----Planting seeds in the "farmville"
---Decorating the living room and fireplace.

I still have a bunch of things in my list but I am so pressed for time that it will have to wait. Gotta get thing ready for the 3 week trip. Gonna meet "the mummy"!

To those who got to chance to see my house, they said it felt so comfy and homey. (that was what we were aiming for really).

Excited to host a dinner party for my friends when I get back. Bought some lanterns and put in the candles.. It would be nice to have conversations on the patio in front of the fountain with candles burning in the background..

I hope I have time on the trip to blog. (I doubt it) looking forward to it and yet not wanting to leave ...

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