Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feeling Indiana Jones

By the sheer number of sites we visited, I decided to just talk about the highlights of the trip. Starting with the first, which is PETRA.

Petra is like a product of a hollywood movie. something not real. It dates back 3000years ago and was the trading point between the east and the west. It is the city of the ancient Edomites, who the Bible says are the descendants of Esau (the red haired brother of Isaac, son of Abraham) that is why, the rocks are colored RED.

It was about a 1.5 km walk to the start of the trail going into Petra, we had to walk carefully through the path because it was uneven. We were told that the day beofre, there were showers and a flash flood went through the valley and Petra was not accessible. Good thing they got the path into working condition.

The hard part of walking through is trying to keep up with our group, taking pictures and not stepping on camel/horse poop. They have carriages for those people not willing to trek the path. But it would be a shame to not see the cliffs and rock formations. Also, it is not a PAVED path so the ride would be VERY bumpy.
 ancient dwellings made from the rock  face (going into Petra)

the 1 km walk into Petra proper, you are awed by the pathway and rocks, surprisingly, the camel poop is not smelly at all!

 helloooo camel!

 the upper portion of the treasury @PETRA. the most famous structure and the first thing you see when you enter. the magnificent building takes your breath away. You can imagine how the ancient travellers stood in awe as they entered the city of Petra to be greeted by this building. They probably came in caravans of several hundred camels... imagine!

 the treasury... what adventure dreams and Indiana Jones movies are made of

some other buildings carved on the walls.

The day was made short.. we were told you need 3 days to fully explore Petra. We only had one day. bummer. It would be another reason to go back eh? One of the best sights on this trip. Truely a highlight and worth the visit. For photographers, it was one of the best places to get amazing pictures.!

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