Saturday, March 26, 2011


Doesn't time fly by so fast? My son will be graduating 6th grade and will be in high school next year.

Having a child in high school make one feel kind of nostalgic.
me and my first born- age: 26 shot using hipstamatic app on the iphone

I was in line one day at a Mcdonalds. In front of me was a child, maybe 4 years old (he was cute and a bit overweight) and an older gentleman (maybe his grandfather) who had several white hairs on his thick hair.

Man: What would you like?
Child: I like the HAPPY MEAL
Man: (addressing the mcdonald's server) what does that toy do?
The mcdonald's server enumerates the different toys and their functions.. (one lights up, another runs)-- the toys usually come out when there is a movie (ex- tarzan, xmen, batman, UP, etc etc)

I watch them with amusement. It was not so long ago I collected a full set of the toys that come with that meal. I cannot imagine how many burgers I consumed to complete the Tarzan jungle house (the toys come together to form a house) or when I had to search for the last piece of the set (basically going from one branch of mcdonald's to the next)

I have GRADUATED. no more happy meals -- (the toys eventually end up part of the "stuff" that lies around unused and collecting dust)

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