Saturday, March 26, 2011

Clean house.... new house?

It just mind boggling just how much STUFF you accumulate over the years....
You lift one furniture and see big dust balls formed  at the back --"the unreachables"... just seeing the amount of dust and grime makes me think of the TV show "clean house"

 I have been moving/ cleaning  from the old house to the new one. I feel like I exercised by lifting weights and running 10 kilometers. My feet are aching!

This is the door to my new house.... I LOVE it to death! I will post some more pictures when I get things more organized.

The funny thing is, when you sort through all your stuff... you still have a dilemma on what to throw out and what to keep. (at the back of your mind you keep thinking... what if I need this in the future?? -- ten years laterrrr... it is still wallowing in some forgotten drawer.... hahahaha)

I also discovered how my husband is like a hamster/beaver... he just keeps EVERYTHING! the hoarder!... boxes of belts, watches, shoes (and I mean, just the boxes-- with nothing in them).. he even kept the hangtags (the labels that are attached to jeans when you buy clothes) .....

he said they look so nice....

me:---eye roll.. (hahaha) That's just how people are. You live with them and discover their quirks.. Hmm... I wonder what my husband discovered about MY quirks?? (and i think there are plenty!)

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