Friday, November 4, 2011

Wooden mail

November is a month where I have a lot of friends having birthdays. From my previous post about postcards, I mentioned I saw a postcard made of wood.

On my recent trip, I bought two postcards like this (it's actually a birthday greeting..) so cute!

the dedication at the back
it reads: the secret to life is to have more beginnings than endings. Here's to the beginning of another year!
this is the front part. used a camera effect in taking the picture.
birthdays are good for you, the more you have, the longer you live...

I will try to figure out how to write on them though. (hehehe)

Another thing about this November is that I have committed to run 15 kilometers in a race. For someone who has trouble training for a race, I had the GALL to sign up for a 15k (GAWK). Not only that, I would be out of the country -working the whole week next week and the race will be next Sunday. Nov 13.

I'd probably survive though. I ran a 10k recently and came out pretty good. My time was not fabulous (1 hour 23 mins) but it was pretty decent. I think my goal for the 15k would be to manage to finish under 2 hours. (I hope! cross fingers!!!)

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